24-Hour Emergency Services

24 Hour Fuel Delivery: For Any Emergencies

Regardless of your exact needs, our 24 hour fuel delivery service is there for you in your time of need. Whether you need 100 gallons or a 7,500-gallon urgent need to fuel up a fleet of trucks, we can get you your fuel in a pinch. Not only do we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality petroleum products, but what makes us stand out from the crowd is our highly-rated customer service. We are still a family-owned operation, and we’ve been able to succeed by doing business the right way, the way it was meant to be done. Our team is quick to respond, eager to assist, and dependable. We have seen all kinds of emergencies, and we’re able to come through in crunch time for our clients. We understand the urgency behind certain requests, and our 24 hour fuel delivery team is ready to take your call.

Gas, Oil, Lubricants, And More: All in 24 Hour Fuel Delivery

Howell Oil services many industries, and we know that when you suddenly realize you are running low, or on empty, it can feel like an emergency. Things happen. Sometimes things get away from us, someone loses track of time, or simply forgets to refuel at the end of a shift. Fields still need plowing the next morning, planes need to fly on time, and cars and trucks need to make timely deliveries. It doesn’t matter why you need what you need, the bottom line is that you need it, and as soon as possible. You can count on Howell Oil’s 24 hour fuel delivery team to have your back in an emergency.


We have been providing our emergency services to farmers, retail stores, boating companies, construction outfits, and more for more than half a century, and we have built our reputation steadily and proudly. Trust us with your 24 hour fuel delivery needs, and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll confidently be able to say that you’d call us again.

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Howell Oil Company helped our company’s fleet maintenance program become more efficient with their automated onsite delivery and equipment loan programs. We were able to cut unnecessary expenses by taking control of our fuel usage on site extending our drain intervals by switching to the Duron HP HD 15w40 heavy duty engine oil.

-Roy, Vice President, RP7 Enterprises
Howell Oil is an AMAZING company to work with. They give above and beyond when it comes to their customers. I would highly recommend them to all for petroleum product needs. You will not find a better oil company to work with.

-Kelly, A-Budget Towing