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Fuel Management System

What makes a good fuel management system? Our fuel management systems are intertwined networks of hardware and software, working to strengthen control of, and access to, your fuel while keeping everything secure. Managing and analyzing consumption rates helps with fuel delivery scheduling and optimizes efficiency.


The hardware involved can include the storage tanks themselves, the dispensing equipment, hoses, nozzles, etc., while the heart of the fuel management system is the controller. Controllers are utilized onsite, near the hardware and equipment, recording and monitoring all activity as well as facilitating secure access to fuel storage. Fuel tracking systems are used to ensure that resources are being used most effectively.


As is true in most technology, the software is the brains of the fuel management system. Being able to keep tabs on consumption, transportation, scheduling, and more is critical to running a financially successful business. Being able to access your fuel management system reports and data in an easily digestible and understandable way, from anywhere, and at any time, is enormously helpful and convenient.


Fuel can often be one of your largest monthly expenses if you operate any kind of commercial fleet of vehicles, boats, or aircraft. Gaining a proper understanding of your fuel usage, and being able to minimize unnecessary costs can be a real difference maker for your bottom line. After all, there are two ways to increase profits: raise prices, or cut costs, and in a competitive market, raising prices unnecessarily is sure to cost you. A good fuel management system can help with the burden of fuel waste, and even eliminate theft opportunities. Track your inventory, cut down on needless idling, and streamline your business.


Contact our team of specialists to have a conversation about your current fuel management system, and how we can help you optimize it, or implement a better one. Done right, the costs you’ll see could more than pay for the system installation.

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Howell Oil Company helped our company’s fleet maintenance program become more efficient with their automated onsite delivery and equipment loan programs. We were able to cut unnecessary expenses by taking control of our fuel usage on site extending our drain intervals by switching to the Duron HP HD 15w40 heavy duty engine oil.

-Roy, Vice President, RP7 Enterprises
Howell Oil is an AMAZING company to work with. They give above and beyond when it comes to their customers. I would highly recommend them to all for petroleum product needs. You will not find a better oil company to work with.

-Kelly, A-Budget Towing